I have been a geek from an early age, quickly becoming bored of games I began learning BASIC on my ZX Spectrum with my first “Hello World” and the noisy tape deck. It was magic to see something you created appear on the screen - that buzz never left me and the wow moment with a client is still what drives me to this day.

I have a background in Engineering, both at University and then spending 9 years at Motorola, during which time I set up BetterWebSpace allowing me to show that the hosting industry can be honest and fair. BetterWebSpace still serves its clients, but I spend more of my time doing Geekery as a Service

I love helping people turn their ideas into reality.

A cancer diagnosis in 2005 taught me a lot about life and productivity, why waste your time fighting with data and processes when much of it can be automated?

Why sit on that idea that could mean you get more time with your family?

Life is often too short, I'm fortunate enough to be a long way clear now (and fitter and healthier than I was back then) and I certainly don't want to waste my time - why would you?

More time, more sales, less stress, recurring income, a better balance..

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